City Air

by Jesse Powers

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A single from my upcoming album, Happiness Moves!


I was mean, I was vile
And I don't know why
And I said all these things
That I didn't realize
Were hurting you until I looked in your eyes

And I screamed
When you smiled
And I don't know.
But I wish
That you could just read my mind
And decode these words, and save yourself
From this wildfire

I put you out,
Just to let you back in.


Will you wait for me?
I know it's raining out there.
But will you stay for me
Even though there's so much weight to bear.
Because I will find a way
To fall in love again
We will be fine.
Just give me time,
And I will be there.

With your hands
On my waist,
We will dance in the light we make.
And the dark will run off
With nobody left to scare.
You can move in.
There's no mess.
I'll make room in my heart
And in my bed,
And I'll put all this baggage
Out on the curb
In city air.

I put it out
Just to bring it back in.


My self-doubt was shaped like your shadow
Cast on the wall that I built
And I made you believe there was vacancy
In a heart that was filled.
And all you did was love me.
And all I did was love me.
And I'm sorry.
There was only room for me.


We will be fine.
Just give me time.

And I will be there.


released March 9, 2014
Recorded and Engineered by Chase Brown and Mike Dove of Senseless Beatings!




Jesse Powers Columbus, Ohio

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